OO-Soft eComp is a cloud-based employee compensation management and administration system with the NSW Local Government Job Evaluation or our standard factor-based Job Evaluation module built-in... Read More >



OO-Soft eCompetencies is an optional module of eComp. eCompetencies allow you to create and maintain a competency profile for your positions and employees and a means for planning, reviewing and auditing employee competencies.



OO-Soft eTraining is a cloud-based training module extension to eComp and is linked directly to the eCompetencies Module. eTraining allows you to track all of your training requirements in the one place ranging from capturing traning data, tracking individual training plans against competencies to forecasting training course cost reporting.



OO-Soft ePerformance is an optional module of eComp and forms part of the Talent Management Suite of products. The ePerformance module allows you to create and maintain Employee Performance Reviews in your organisation.



OO-Soft ePortal is a cloud-based engagement tool - an employee self-service module where employees and managers can review competencies and performance reviews online including learning and development reports.



Because we are cloud-based, there is no need to go through any setup and installation. You are up and running as soon as your account is created and activated.


Being responsive means that our system can work with your desktop, tablet or mobile devices. You are nolonger tied to working behind your desk.

Quick support

Support and enhancements to our products are done centrally. This means that you will not experience any downtime in your system or from your internal resources. Support will be quicker because OO-Soft is able to check your system online.

Lower costs

We still believe we provide the best of breed software at a lower costs than our competitors.

About Us

OO-Soft Pty Ltd was founded in 1993 by Yee Hoy Cheng with one aim, to provide cost effective solutions to end users. This had led us in January 2000 to develop and release the cloud-based eComp Human Resource and Compensation Management system for NSW Local Government. We have since then released a number of modules to enhance this flagship product including a factorbased Job Evaluation Module for small businesses.

 Going forward OO-Soft aims to maintain a friendly and effective partner to our Local Government clients and small businesses to enable them with cloud-based solutions that works. Yee Hoy has had more than 20 years experience in Human Resources and over 30 years experience in system development and have been working in the local government industry since 1992. He was the main developer of the Local Government Job Evaluation Models and technology platforms.

Sarah Stewart from Guide Me HR is a Business Partner with OO-Soft in providing demonstrations, training and assisting with client implementations of OO-Soft modules, in particular eCompetencies and eTraining modules. Sarah has been an integral part of developing the OO-Soft eTraining module and its direct linkage with the eCompetencies module.

Sarah has 20 years experience working in Human Resources and Learning & Development primarily in the local government industry. In 2015 Sarah started her own HR/Career Guidance Consultancy with a focus on delivering Myers Briggs Professional Development Programs, assisting students with career guidance and regional business owners implement internal HR & L&D systems.


Yee Hoy Cheng




Sarah Stewart

Business Partner

Guide Me HR

Please note we had a fabulous day with Sarah last week and learned heaps. She is a great ambassador and very knowledgeable. Even today we were discussing the move to all the E add on’s we walked through last week and the intention to move this way. We have a Business Improvement Group operating and they agree it is the way to go. - Debby Baxter-Tomkins, Moree Plains Shire Council, 9 March 2018.


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Our Vision

“OO-Soft vision is to create happier and healthier employees and organisations that together empower their companies to extraordinary levels.”

“Our mission is to give the small to medium businesses access to capabilities that rival those of larger businesses at an affordable price and easily accessible.”

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