OO-Soft eComp is a cloud-based HR and compensation management system with built-in Job Evaluation and optional eCompetencies, eTraining and ePerformance modules.


Because eComp is cloud-based, there is no need to go through any setup and installation. You are up and running as soon as your account is created and activated.


We are hosted with Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) which give our eComp database the fast performance, high availability and security with automated backups.


Being responsive means that eComp can work with your desktop, tablet or mobile devices. You are nolonger tied to working behind your desk.


eComp comes default with a Job Evaluation linked to the NSW Local Government (State) Award. The first Job Evaluation model was developed back in 1992 and had been updated twice with the latest release of Model 20A in 2017. 

For the private small businesses eComp can be configured to use our customisable eFactorPlan Job Evaluation Module.


Quality Control

Benchmark Graphs is one of the quality control process for determining if the validity of the Job Evaluation responses. There is also a profile comparison where you can compare up to 3 questionnaires. Alternatively you can also use the All Council Report to query similar positions JE by Councils from other regions.


Salary Systems

eComp is great for developing salary structures and grading structures.

Our salary structure platform is uniquely developed for the Local Councils step structure. You can use eComp to develop "what-if" modelling to see how well the structure fits with your organisation before deciding to implement it.

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